R.E.A.C.H. For Spiritual Awakening, Inc.

 R.E.A.C.H. For Spiritual Awakening is a Non-denominational Order. The Lord, whom we refer to as Father throughout our doctrine, is the basis of our faith. R.E.A.C.H. stands for 

   "Realize Eliminating Anger Creates Harmony." 

R.E.A.C.H. For Spiritual Awakening teaches and guides its members to have a personal relationship with Father, which affects all aspects of our lives. Our prayers begin with "Thank you Father for...", because putting prayer in the present tense teaches us to have a stronger faith in Father.  


R.E.A.C.H. for Spiritual Awakening, Inc. is a Not-For-Profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to empowering individuals, at-risk families, children, students, educators, and the workforce, that are struggling with issues of anger, fear, and violence. Through counseling and educational workshops, R.E.A.C.H. enables individuals, families, and educational institutions, to create harmony. These goals are the focus of all services provided by R.E.A.C.H. We believe this program is a unique opportunity for the community.   


The R.E.A.C.H. For Spiritual Awakening doctrine is “Father’s four basic laws” that are simple to live by and understand. Living these laws assures us of our place in heaven.     


As defined in the dictionary, “mankind” refers to human beings collectively without reference to sex and/or humankind. We as the human race have moved away from humankind being humane and kind. Kindness must be taught and cultivated; however, many believe that we are born with kindness. Look into your heart for:       


  • Motivation of act   
  • Purity of heart             

When we find ourselves repelled by another creation of God it is because we sense that kindness is not within. On the occasions when we find ourselves having to ask something of someone, and we sense a fear within us, it is because he or she lacks kindness.      


People believe that lying applies only on a personal level. A lie does not just represent dishonesty to friends and family. 

It is important to use our ability to recognize a lie and how we justify them. The way something is said can come across as the truth, but when the wording is vague, it is still considered a lie. 

The following are several examples of ways we accept lying. 

  • Lying to oneself. In order to make the lie into a truth, we lie to ourselves so we are able to live with ourselves in order to control the other person.         
  • Cooperative Lying. When one’s friend lies, and another backs it up as the truth.  An example is when a parent asks a child (or anyone) to tell a creditor (or anyone) on the phone that he or she is not at home. This is a  double sin (i.e. the parent is lying and is also teaching the child that it is okay to lie).         
  • Global Lying. The human race acknowledges, expects and excuses lying when it pertains to business. (i.e. products, pricing, real estate).


Stealing is not only about taking the physical item (i.e. shoplifting, robbery, fraud). There is also intangible theft. 

Intangible theft is:        

  • Stealing another’s moment of joy. When one shares their joy, and another cuts into their story with his or her own story, this is done because of jealousy, to divert the joyous moment of the other and refocus on them.         
  • Energy theft. When one abuses another using his or her knowledge that you love him or her unconditionally. (i.e. when a person has difficulty in  saying "no" to another at a time of need is an example of when the theft is being committed), because the energy thief is fully aware that the person they asked cannot do it. (i.e. financially, emotionally, physically).         
  • Stealing one’s ideas. (i.e. sharing one’s idea with a person one trusts; then that person takes that idea and takes the credit and financial gain)     


Cheating is a combination of lying and stealing. 

Also the remaining Ten Commandments can be included and applied to this (i.e. killing, gossip, infidelity, betrayal).   


One cannot tell where one begins and one ends, as all three are truly one.         

When one lies, one steals the truth and cheats oneself of being believed "the next time."