Reverend Schoshana
      Reverend Schoshana was born in Israel and for most of her life has struggled to achieve Emotional Independence. Her journey to emotional independence was met with many obstacles, fear, confusion, frustrations, anger, abuse, lack of love, and the sense of being unwanted. However, with Father (God) in her life she survived without becoming bitter. With Fatherís help and prayers, she was able to overcome her issues, and now she shares the tools Father gave her with all those who
" Want No More Pain In Their Life."

     On the eve of her twelfth birthday, God sent her an angel with a birthday gift, which is the gift of truth. She received the gift of empathy, which is the ability to sense and speak Fatherís truth, of the past, present, and future.  Reverend Schoshana had not been accepted openly and lovingly by the populace, even her own family; instead, she was met with rejection, fear, anger, ridicule, and resentment. Nevertheless, as the years went on, she found that she had little or no choice in this matter. To best describe Reverend Schoshana is to quote the message she received:

"You are to be my emissary. I am giving you the gift of Truth. You will not have an easy life, and will have to endure abuse when you are giving out my words. You are to experience the pain of those who are unable or unwilling to express their thoughts or true emotions. By existing this way you will be fruitful in your work."

     In May of 1990, Reverend Schoshana went into her darkest time of her life. She had given up and secluded herself in her bedroom and got lost in the spirit world where she only allowed Father to enter. For the next six weeks, she was not aware of what was going on outside of her bedroom. Finally, one of her sons, Joseph, realized that the only way to get his mother back to the living was to give her one of her own shock treatments, as he has watched his mother do this many times when people had submerged themselves into total darkness. Of course, he succeeded. When Reverend Schoshana did emerge from her darkness, she brought forth Father's tools, to achieve emotional independence. The realization set in that Father had prepared her from birth for this moment, her mission. Reverend Schoshana is a messenger and a channel for Father. It is important to understand that what she gives is not her personal opinion. She does not create the situation, she only reads the message, as well as teaches other to have a personal relationship with God, whom she refers to as Father. 

     So it is through Fatherís love and having Him as an intricate part of her life, that gives Reverend Schoshana the sense of self-worth and that Father loves her unconditionally, as He does all his children. He does not see Reverend Schoshana as overbearing, overwhelming, ignorant, pushy, nor so strong that she does not need anyone.  Father does not see her as having different needs in friendships, relationships, nor sees her separately as a spiritualist or only as human. He, instead, sees her as a complete package, mind, body, and spirit as one.

     Reverend Schoshana has been working with individuals and groups of people for the past thirty years.  She is now sharing these teachings with others.







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