Reverend Joseph Paul

     Reverend Joseph Paul is a single parent and has been working in trades/construction for most of his life. Currently he builds custom furniture and has been doing so for the past five years. He knew at a fairly young age there was something wrong within himself, and his life, he just didn't know how to fix it. Although he did not fit in, and sensed he was different from others he never doubted that he was destined to do something important with his life. Over the past seven years Reverend Joseph Paul has overcome many of his issues, all through spirituality. By counseling others with similar issues he feels he is truly fulfilling his destiny. Reverend Joseph Paul comes from an upper middle class family and never lacked for any of the basics- food, clothing, and shelter. However his parents did not give him what he needed most, the necessary emotional and mental tools to succeed as a mature, responsible adult and parent. He was basically spoiled by both of his parents, and never had to do for himself, even something as simple as maintaining a budget was a struggle.

     Seven years ago Reverend Joseph Paul knew he could not live his life as it was any longer, his fears were many and life in general was an unhappy prospect. He asked Father to bring someone into his life that could help him to see the light. Two weeks later he met the Reverend Schoshana and was invited to her spiritual class. With the tools and spiritual guidance that Reverend Schoshana shared with Joseph Paul, he was able to change his life. Most importantly he was able to establish a new and healthy relationship with his son, which included obtaining full custody. By removing his rage and anger, and the need to take it out on those around him, he was able to break the cycle and pass none of this onto his son. Through Fathers teachings Reverend Joseph Paul has started a new and wonderful journey. Life. He takes each day as a new adventure. He looks forward to helping anyone he can to find his or her own inner peace through spirituality. Reverend Joseph Paul is a work in progress, as all of Fathers children are.







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